Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pop Art Popsicles with Kindergarten

So, I never use popsicle sticks, but I finally found a project that allows me to use them that isn't rinky-dink!

Day One: We learned how to mix primary colors together to make secondary colors...
I had them fold their paper in half a couple of times to make 8 boxes. They painted the primary colors first, then we mixed them together to fill the other boxes. They had 2 extra boxes they could paint a color or pattern of their choice in.

Here's a modification I made for one our students with special needs.

Day Two: Making Popsicles!
I started by telling the kids we were going to cut up our paintings from last week....the sheer looks of terror I got....

We drew a simple "U" shaped popsicle in each box. Some of my art challenges were to draw one with a bite taken out, one that was melting...etc.

We added shadows to each popsicle and a little white highlight. I think they understood what we were doing....haha. I explained that popsicles are frozen and ice is shiny, so to show that texture we needed a little reflection of light. Maybe that stuck with some of them...who knows, but they did it and their popsicles look awesome!


  1. These turned out great!!! Terrific shading. Your story reminds me of a time a couple of years ago where I asked 3rd or 4th graders to cut their paintings into fourths and trade all but one of their fourths with others in their groups (groups of 4 kids). One boy was absolutely horrified and refused to do it!! Said he wanted to show his WHOLE painting to his mother. After quite a bit of negotiating, I got him to trade one or two of his fourths and stop crying!!! I guess the message is, you never know for sure how they are going to react.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I looked through your blog and got lots of great ideas!