Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome Back!

 Welcome back to a new year. Here we go was a refreshing summer and I think we are all well-rested and ready for a fresh start. 

Here is my "Be SmART" chart that shows the kids what upcoming/current projects we are working on. I've changed a few of these...but you get the idea! I also attached vocabulary words around the projects so we can easily review words from previous years and look forward to future projects. 

Color Theory 3-D Warm and Cool Posters and Artist Board

Each table has a number and corresponding famous artist name. For example: Table 1 = Da Vinci Table...when asking tables to line up I may reference their artist name or describe the artwork..."if you're table artist painted the "Mona Lisa" you may line up." 
This is really fun for the kids and helps them learn about famous artists in a fun way. 

Totally stole this design for Art Room Rules from Pinterest...
I changed my rules around this year. 

This is the DEMO TABLE. I got new rainbow tape (which has been a big hit)! 
Now I have to train myself to stop saying "Toes behind the blue..." and now say "Toes behind the rainbow..." 
I'm also calling it the "Rainbow Road"..

Recently discovered I could say, "Write your name and class code then meet at the rainbow road." 

Here is the free draw station. This is for when students are completely finished with their art project and have extra art time. 

My new thing is going to be Art Star Behavior earns the stencils and drawing books/markers or pens. Loud tables don't just get the special stuff...hopefully that will help with our volume level. 

New Art Assessment Chart: Checklist for Your Artwork 
(another Pinterest steal) 

I'll have the kids fill out one of these mini-checklists and tape the back of finished projects. 

All 4 boxes checked = A
3 boxed checked= B
2 boxed checked=C
1 box checked=D
0 boxes=F
I've got a little cardboard box with the mini-checklists and some tape...self-service is what I'm all about in my room. I like for the kids to be independent. 
And also, you can see my grading scale with examples....

Time Out Chair
In order to get Time Out in art, you've gotten 2 strikes which means you had a warning...probably after several "soft" warnings...and I have a writing assignment for grades 1-4. Kindergartens get 5 minutes. 

Sometimes I have the kids write the Art Room Rules, but I created this Time Out Activity last year and I really think it helps.


  1. I'm curious about what the anchor symbolizes in your time out chair. Could you elaborate on why it's hanging there? Thank you!

  2. Well I love anchors...and I found that at a thrift store and knew I had to hang it in my room....I like to think it symbolizes getting oneself "anchored" whilst in time out. :)

  3. I wonder if renaming the Time Out chair to a Take a Break chair could foster a sense of self control in the students' minds? By making it a non-punitive event, offering it calmly and matter of factly to the child, it would be just that... a chance to take a break and regroup oneself. It would eliminate shame from the event and instead replace it with a sense that a student can learn to stop, think, and refocus, ultimately allowing positive learning opportunity to practice self control.

  4. I hope you don't mind. I posted a link to this entry on my bulletin board blog for art teachers.