Sunday, April 21, 2013

Peacock Paintings

I did this project last year with my 2nd graders and I loved it. So here we are again. This is day one of the project...discussing Indian Peacocks, Penhens and Peafowls. We practice drawing a peacock in our Idea Books and then we draw the body and first set of feathers on blue 9x18 paper. We painted the peacock and the metallic feathers. Next class we will make the "eyes of the gods"/concentric circles and we'll paint the base color for our feather on the blue paper. 

This project is inpsired by Patty at and here's the link to her project for 1st grade: 

Here's some great links for Peacock Info...and a video to show. 

Here's a great video that kids really enjoyed: 

Here's a great photo for the first day...
A male peafowl (a peacock) displaying his tail feathers

Day Two : Painting the eyes of the gods and some background feathers. 

Adding the eyes of the's a class that has run out of time for this project so on their Day Two I had them draw the eyes of the gods on their paper and paint directly on the blue. The other classes collaged their eyes of the gods from other paper. Both ways work, the collage looks best! 

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