Sunday, March 17, 2013

Picasso Heads with 2nd Grade

These are the beginnings to some really fun Picasso 2nd grade

We talked about Picasso, watched the BrainPopJr. video on him:

They began by drawing a cubistic head...outlined in black marker and we are coloring them with brand new crayons...(last day project before spring break)
I did an art challenge of coloring one side of the face with cool colors aka Blue Period colors...and the other half of the face with warm colors aka Rose Period colors. (by the way, a very smart kid gave me the Blue vs. Rose Period idea...I just had warm vs. cool....isn't it great when they teach you?)

But they are looking so fun, that we'll put one more day into them when we get back...I'm thinking cutting the heads out and putting them on bright construction paper? or possibly just painting the background...we'll see...I'll post pics after spring break! Woo.

Day Two: Finishing Coloring and Collaging to Background Paper


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