Sunday, March 10, 2013

Collagraph Prints with 3rd Grade

It's printmaking time in 3rd grade and I chose to do this collagraph fish project again because last year's results were great! And I am impressed with this year's batch of fish too!

Day One: Cut out the fish...start building up layers.

Day Two: Building up lots more layers! Big shapes, medium shapes to small shapes. I got out the paper edger scissors and the hole punchers out for this day.

Day Three: Printing the Collagraphs

I set up one table with paper and brayers/trays. I did 4 different colors and in every color but black I mixed two inks together. It gives the prints an interesting effect...sometimes hombre if the kids are careful not to over mix it.

Side Project: Dr.Seuss style fish...painted underwater scene...

Oil pastel and tempera paint...these were fun for a one day lesson during Read Me Week


  1. Hello Mrs. Scobey

    I was google image searching for figure painting and still life painting ( for my textile students) and came across your blog. I cazn't possibly leave without sending you a huge BRAVO for the quality and enthusiasm your students evoke in their work. But no are offering them brilliant programs and materials to really tax their imaginations I a bet your class is so relaxed and fun that any inhibitions would melt away. I was totally blown away! In my neck of the woods, where I used to do an "artist in the school grant" for many years, the state of the arts in elementary school is abysmal. Truly heartbreaking with kids being given copies of a turkey at thanksgiving to color! AARGH. So good on you for yor brilliant work.

    Pamela In Canada

    1. Dear Pamela,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time to say all that! We have a great time and I often wonder why I didn't have these opportunities as a child, so I am definitely making up for my lack of art training as a youngster.

      Thanks again,
      Erin Scobey