Monday, September 24, 2012

Paper Quilling with 4th grade

So I found this project on and here's the link:
I had my first class choose their image to draw. The next classes seemed to need more parameters so I had them trace their hand as a starting point.
We used 8" x 8" black paper that I pre-cut for them. I also pre-cut 1/2 inch strips of paper. After experimenting, we found that the paper looked better if we cut it in half. Although the different heights look interesting.

Two pieces of paper quilled together looks neat and kind of 3-D~ish. 

We 'tapped' dots of glue along the bottom edge of the design and gently pressed it down for at least 10 seconds.

I had these small dowel rods that were pre-cut into 4 inch pieces. These worked best...pencils were too big and toothpicks were too small for this construction paper. It didn't want to conform to the small object. If you used paper from a book or thinner paper it would work much better.

It's a work in progress and may be something they can work on instead of free-draw.
It would take about 3 full class periods to finish.
I'll post the finished products as they complete them!

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