Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kinder "Garden" : Planting a Rainbow

I have been doing this spring/summer time project every year since I've been teaching. My cooperating teacher, Dr.Winningham, taught me this project when I was student teaching and it's always been a gem!

There is some teacher prep here...I used blue and green butcher paper for the sky and grass...then just white for clouds. I made 5 gardens...one for each K teacher. And inside the clouds, I write the teacher's name : Mrs. Bla Bla's Kinder "Garden"

This year I printed out some "crayola critter coloring pages", cut them up and had the kids color these and then neatly cut them out. Before I've just let them use their imagination to create "garden critters" ....as fun as that is....these look better!!

Each student gets to plant their flower in the garden.

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