Monday, February 27, 2012

3rd Grade Collograph Fish Print

Printmaking with 3rd Grade

Collograph Fish Print with Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting

First we created a collograph using manilla folders. Basically, we drew a fish, then built up 3 layers of details. Fins and patterns basically. They could create designs and patterns in the background for an environment but not many did this.

The print station. We did 3 'printers' at a time. I started mixing ink...such a great idea! Orange and and purple/ and yellow. The colors look so much better with a little extra something.

Here's yellow and orange mixed together...

Peel and reveal!

The key to this part is giving them sticks to use and lots of tempera. For the first class, I gave them acrylic paint in little blobs and I only handed out q-tips. After seeing the dot paintings at the mayor's art show right now, I realized they needed more paint! And other we've been using toothpicks, wooden sticks and qtips.

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