Thursday, November 10, 2011

4th Grade Fall Still-Life

With the Auction upon us, I've been cranking out auction projects like crazy with all my classes and I've been incorporating them into the curriculum, as best I can!  So, the 4th graders are learning about observational drawing from a still-life. It might be a few 9 weeks early, but they're getting smarter, so does it really matter? Anyway, we did "reverse batik" on a fabric square. I wanted them to create a design based on objects found in nature...hence the still-life drawings.

I had to take advantage of the amazing gourds that I bought and let the 4th graders create a fall still-life painting. And they needed the watercolor experience.

 We looked at a Henri Matisse painting for a bold background pattern....and I really like how these are turning out! They outlined with oil pastels first, then painted with watercolors.


Here's the reverse batik process....

Buy Clorox Bleach Pens...not the Dollar Tree version of a bleach

Here they are 'bleaching'....I'd say no more then 30 minutes!

Just rinse well and you have amzing reverse batik! Aren't these GORGEOUS?
I'm sewing all these into a pillow...I'll post pictures later of all the auction projects. 

When buying fabric for this, make sure it says "Do not bleach" on the bundle thingy...can't think of the word to save my life right...not a spool....not even sure how to google this one...


  1. Great idea and the work looks fantastic. I will definitely try this with my students.

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  3. I think the word is bolt. I like this idea and the results! Any problems with the bleach getting on clothes or hands?